• Student ID Cards                                v

    Anchor Academy offers a Student Identification Card to every registered and/or enrolled student and parent (optional).


    This wallet size plasticized card contains your child's photo and name, birth date, city, personal education number (P.E.N.) and Anchor Academy's address.


    This laminated I.D. card is free if you:


    •     register with Anchor Academy as a homeschooler or
    •     enrol in an Anchor Academy educational program
    •     submit your photo by the middle of September either


    by mailing to:


    Anchor Academy

    Box 3015

    Salmon Arm BC

    V1E 4R8


    or by emailing:


    • pictures as jpg/jpeg, with name of student in the subject line (surname first, first name second) to: anchorstudentid@ark.net .
  • Missions are Faith in Action              v

    It's time to get out of our comfort zone and experience hands-on Christianity! And Anchor Academy is here to help through our unique stm (short term mission) credit program.

    Did you know that every registered or enrolled Anchor student has an stm account opened for them? And there are many ways for the student to earn credits!!

    • Scripture Memory Contests (Contests #1 &2) ~ $15 per contest. PLUS, THE PRIZE "e" OPTION FOR AN ADDITIONAL 50 STM CREDITS! See handbook or go to the FORMS section on this website for details and rules.

    • Short Term Mission Fundraiser ~ memorize as many chapters (your choice of chapters) in your preferred Bible translation, anytime up to one month before STM departure date. ($2 stm credits per verse)

    • Honour Roll ~ $15 credit for each quarter OR $20 credit for each term. Bonus credit of $15 if honour roll achieved in all 4 quarters or 3 terms per school year.

    • Provincial Examination (D.L. Program) Results ~ examination scores emailed to Anchor's office result in cash equivalent (e.g. EN 12 exam mark 85% = $85 stm credits) (Students must submit results).

    • A.C.T. or S.A.T. (International Program) results ~ examination scores emailed to Anchor's office result in cash equivalent of $1 for every point above 500 on each of the three sections (critical reading, math, and writing). Example: scoring 740 (minus 500) = $240 stm credits.

    • Pillowcase Dresses/Shorts ~ Sew dresses/shorts for children in other countries and receive $10 stm credits per dress/shorts.

    Please contact Heidi at 1.888.917.3783 for more information.

  • Student Awards                                  v

    Anchor students are encouraged to earn awards through hard work and community service. Here is a brief overview of awards, bursaries, and scholarships that our students have earned in the past and are available for your son and daughter as well.

    Funded from Anchor Academy sources: (call Anchor office for application forms)

    • Annual bursaries for our graduates enrolling in a Christian Post Secondary Institution, ranging up to $5000.

    • Renewable bursaries of $2000 per year if attending career missions training institutions (Can-I-L, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Trinity Western University, New Tribes Mission Canada, Gateway Missionary Training Centre, Worldwide Evangelism for Christ, etc.).

    Awards from other sources (For D.L. Students Only):

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