Fours for Jesus

This program is designed to help children, age 4, to prepare for kindergarten while they grow in their knowledge of the Bible and their relationship with Jesus Christ. You will find below a brief description of the academic aspects of the program. As much as possible the stories are found in the Bible. The songs are those which we would hear in Sunday school and at Bible camp. Wherever possible the songs and stories relate a concept that is in the lesson. The Bible verses or phrases are also used to develop the lesson. Cost: $200/per year.

Character Traits: The development of Christ-like character is one of the most important components of a person’s life. Children need to be aware of character traits in order to pray and make the decisions throughout the day that will help them to be more like Jesus. Parents are encouraged to speak about these traits throughout the day whenever it is appropriate. It is important for children to know that these character traits are developed in their lives through the work of the Holy Spirit. These traits are not burdens but opportunities to experience the love of Jesus Christ at work in them. An old children's chorus has the words: “A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right.” How important it is to learn to trust the Saviour for our life’s development from the earliest of years. How wonderful it is for children to know that they can “be pleasing to the LORD” through their words, thoughts, and actions! As another of the old songs of the faith testifies, these are the things that even children can bring to offer to the King.

Math: In this program, the children experience the numbers from zero to twenty. Although some children may be able to count beyond twenty, that is not the primary purpose of the number content of the lessons. The purpose is to get a “sense” of the numbers. For instance, with the number two, mathematicians would speak about “twoness.” Children learn the meaning of two and not just the name two. Where appropriate we will build our number vocabulary with words like double, twice, and twins. In the section on shapes, you may see the names of shapes that are even new to you as a parent. The child may not remember these words a month later since they are not in common use. However, they will learn that shapes have special names. It will not be a surprise to them later on in life. It is also amazing how much some children do remember!

English: Through the stories, following instructions, and expressing their thoughts and observations, the children develop skills necessary for success in English Language Arts. They have opportunities to build vocabulary and express their feelings. They ask questions and look for answers. All these activities are important foundational skills for success in English Language Arts. As the children mature they are asked to create stories around the scenes they see. They are encouraged to build vocabulary and use exact and expressive words.

Social Studies: Throughout the program the children learn about what God has done and what people have done. They investigate photographs of landforms and look at various aspects of the development of technology and culture. They think about the various kinds of work that people do to serve others in society.

Science: Classification is a foundational concept in the sciences. The curriculum is divided into units of work in which groups of things that God has made or man has made are explored. Parents are encouraged to expand on these groupings with books, videos, and internet pictures. A trip to the library can be a great field trip to further develop consciousness of community services and transportation. The resources in church libraries can also be valuable for many aspects of the program. Inquiry is a key aspect of modern education.

Physical Education: Children need to be encouraged to be active and made aware of the benefits of physical activity. The hands-on activities will develop small motor skills. Balance and large motor skills are developed through the suggested activity. Encouragement and support may be needed as children develop new skills with their wonderfully-made bodies.

Art: Colours and shapes are the back bone of the art component of this program. The use of various mediums of expression is also incorporated. Art activities are some of the most enjoyable aspects of the program for children. They should enjoy the art and not feel like they are being evaluated. The children will begin to recognize shapes and colours in their environment. They will probably incorporate these into their own creative works.

Fours For Jesus prepares children for the learning experiences they will have in kindergarten and grade one. The program is facilitated by a teacher who has worked with small children for many years and is available to help you adapt the program to your child's needs. Computer delivery can be an important aspect of the program, or it can be done without the computer.

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