Special Education Requirements

1) Working High Speed Internet in the home. For subscriptions and special services offered through Anchor Academy

2) Parents/guardians must have their own secured email address, for direct communication with administration and teachers.

3) All Communication and IEP’s are communicated on a secured server to teachers and Anchor Academy Administration.

4) Anchor Academy must have direct access to all 3rd party providers, during the students enrolment and as it relates to the educational programming of the student. Anchor Academy recognizes the importance of student privacy. All confidential documentation is handled with discretion. Access to such documents is limited to those involved and only as it relates to completing the duties of creating, adjusting, maintaining and reporting on the students educational program.

5) Parents will be encouraged to participate in all IEP meetings.

6) Anchor staff involved in the students programming will be in touch with third party providers to ensure the services are meeting the IEP goals.

7) Parent/guardian must sign and agree to the consent form. Without form being dated and signed, Anchor Academy cannot move forward with students programming.

8) Students’ academic portfolios must be submitted on or before calendar deadlines, as stated on the student calendar and/or communicated by the teacher.

9) All equipment must be returned to Anchor Academy on or before the 30th of June, unless special request has been submitted via email and Special Education Administration has granted permission.

10) An open working relationship between Anchor Academy’s education team and the parent/guardians is essential to the successful outcome of our Special education programing. Without open communication it cannot work.

11) If Parent/guardian has concerns regarding services provided through Anchor Academy the following protocol should be followed:

a. Go directly to the teacher and explain your concern.

b. If parent is not satisfied with teachers’ interventions they then should contact the special education administration.

c. The special education administration will review the situation at hand.

d. If unable to resolve, or situation has very serious implications; will then involve the principal/vice principal.

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