BC Homeschool Registered (Independent)

For those B.C. parents who wish only to register (no school curriculum planning or teacher support, child only accountable to parents) their child with Anchor Academy.

Here are some of the benefits:

Benefit 1:$150 toward the education costs of each registered child. The Textbook Credit Allocation (TCA) of $150 will be credited to your account as soon as we receive your registration form. The TCA may be used as follows:

  • Toward the purchase of curriculum and/or services from Anchor Academy
  • It may be redeemed by submitting original receipts from anywhere for educational materials purchased on behalf of the registered child, or educational services (piano lessons, etc.). TCA cheques will be issued in November, February, April and July.

Benefit 2: free student and parent school I.D. card when photo submitted by middle of September.

Benefit 3: free Reading Readiness Test (for preschool/grade 1 children), and/or a free set of diagnostic tests (English, Math, Spelling- for grades 2-12), and/or a free Canadian Achievement Test.

Benefit 4: full access to all Accelerated Christian Education materials.

Benefit 5: LIBRARY! Full access to the Anchor Resource Korner (ARK) library of preschool and learning-to-read phonics kits, literature books, textbooks, videos/DVDs (including complete series for all high school sciences and math), and score keys.

Benefit 6: Students can participate in the Scripture Memory Contest and be eligible to win prizes. (See Scripture Memory Contest Form #1 and #2 in the FORMS section)

Benefit 7: Should you desire, our office staff is available to be of any assistance and encouragement to the challenges and rewards of homeschooling!

The British Columbia Ministry of Education requires that every home schooling school-age child residing in the province register by the end of September each year.

Students transferring to Anchor Academy need to request their Personal Education Number (P.E.N.) from the previous school. To avoid double registration, which would result in loss of the grant, the principal of the previous school must be told that your child is transferring. If you cannot obtain the P.E.N., be sure to submit the registration/enrolment form by September 30th anyway. Anchor staff will assist you if necessary.

Parents may register their homeschooling children from anywhere within B.C. by enroling online on this website or mailing a completed Registration/Enrolment Form to Anchor Academy.

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