International Program

Note: The International Program does not use the B.C. K-12 curriculum and therefore does not qualify for the B.C. Dogwood Graduation Certificate. This is also not funded as a Distributed Learning Program.

Why should your family consider joining Anchor Academy's International Program?

Registration is available for K-12 students whether you live in B.C. or on the other side of the globe! In fact, Anchor Academy currently has students in a number of countries around the world!

Excluding curriculum costs, fees include maintenance fees (September through June) of $20.00 (+GST/HST in Canada) per month for levels 1 through 7, or $30.00 (+GST/HST in Canada) for levels 8-12. There are two payment options: by 10 postdated cheques, or a single annual payment by September 20 to get one month free.

Benefits To The International Program!!

  • You have complete control over the curriculum used by your child, how long you school, on what days you study, etc. you can tailor your child's education needs to suit his/her learning abilities. Staff is always available to assist you in any way we can. Some of the curriculum options include Accelerated Christian Education, Alpha Omega Publications (Switched On Schoolhouse, Life Pacs, Horizon Language Arts), Apologia, Bob Jones Readers & Core curriculum, Saxon Math (K-8, Algebra, Calculus, Physics), Rosetta Stone, Professor Teaches, Saskatchewan Association of Independent Christian Schools, to name just a few.

  • Up to 15% discount available for PACEs and maintenance fees through enrolment and parent training. The Parent Discount Application is required to be completed and submitted annually to Anchor Academy in order to qualify. Missionary parents may also qualify for an additional 10% discount for PACE materials.

  • Students may obtain academic assistance weekdays 9:30 am to 3:00 pm (Pacific time) through a toll-free phone line and /or via email with staff.

  • You will receive a free student resource folder, monthly school publications. Valuable Scripture Memory awards available. See CONTESTS

  • A Student I.D. (and optional Parent I.D.) Card is mailed to enrolled students who submit a photo by the middle of September.

  • Full access to the Anchor Resources Korner (ARK), including parent training materials, Diagnostic Tests, Preschool Kit, ABCs Kit, videophonics, literature books, PACE Workbooks (kindergarten to college), Score Keys, videos and DVDs, plus E.S.L. etc.

  • A Progress Report (Report Card) will be mailed to you four times each year.

  • If your son or daughter qualifies, and Honour Roll Certificate will be awarded each quarter, with honourable mention in the Anchor Log, plus financial credit towards short term missions.

  • An Academic Projection will be prepared for your child (14 years or older). This document specifies every course required for high school graduation to Accelerated Christian Education's international standards for one of four graduation options.

  • Free tests: Reading Readiness, Diagnostic Tests, Canadian Achievement Test (C.A.T.). College bound seniors may request free registration materials including sample test for Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) or American College Test (A.C.T.) Anchor Academy's College Board number (821 342) may be used to register for the S.A.T. or the A.C.T.

  • Full graduation, including a grad banquet, grad ceremonies, an graduation diploma. in North America, over 350 post secondary institutions have accepted graduates from schools using the Accelerated Christian Education program. Upon request, a free, personalized transcript showing all the high school credit courses completed and college-entrance test results will be prepared for submission to your chosen post-secondary institution. Extra transcript copies may be purchased at $5.00 each.

  • Bursaries available for International Students Convention, for short term missions, as well as for specified Christian post-secondary institutions (SI).

  • Students can participate in the Scripture Memory Contest and be eligible to win prizes. (See Scripture Memory Contest Form #1 and #2 in the Forms section)

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