Distributed Learning (D.L.) Programs
(Funded by the B.C. Ministry of Education)

Distributed Learning (D.L.) takes place when:

- a student is primarily at a distance from the teacher,
- whether he/she is at home; or
- connected to teachers from another learning facility.

D.L. gives both rural and urban students in British Columbia improved access, more choice, and flexibility to learn outside classroom schedules. The vision for DL is to provide a quality, dynamic and engaging learning environment that all students in the province can access.

D.L., where a B.C. certified teacher instructs the child's educational program, is different from Homeschooling, where the parent or guardian is responsible for the child’s educational program.

There are two options for our D.L. Program:

1. Teacher Designed (TD) Program
Teacher Designed (TD) are Christian courses, approved by the Education Committee, that have been prepared by the Anchor Academy teacher, that satisfy the B.C. Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes. These courses will maximize use of Christian worldview text materials.

2. Individualized (IN) Program
Individualized (IN) courses allow parents, in consultation with Anchor teacher, to select preferred Christian curricula for their children. B.C. parents and students enrolled in Individualized (IN) Program will start with an interview with their teacher to decide course choice and curriculum needs. Teachers often request a general timeline of when certain chapters or units of work will be covered. Information indicating strategies and evaluation methods will also be important to share with your teacher. Together you and the teacher will have the freedom to create a unique Student Learning Plan that suits the academic needs of your family while meeting the Provincial Learning Outcomes required by the Ministry of Education.

Students are welcome to contact the teacher as frequently as necessary during specified school hours. The Ministry of Education expects a minimum of a weekly student/teacher contact.

You will be required to submit three or four student portfolios. Items to be included in the portfolio will be specified by your teacher with ample time to comply.

For D.L. course options, information, or more details please refer to page C-31 of the Anchor Academy Handbook.  Please phone our office for more information and opportunities concerning the DL Program.

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