Adult Graduation

BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 2013, any BC adult desiring High School graduation is eligible for MOE funding of required courses.

British Columbia School System Qualifying Courses College or ABE Program Qualifying Courses
a Language Arts 12* course 4 credit course or a provincial or post-secondary level English course
a Mathematics 11 or 12** And 4 credit course

and either

or a provincial or post-secondary level Mathematics course
Option 1: three Grade 12 Ministry-Authorized courses (4 credits each) or External (4 credits) 12 credits or three additional courses at the provincial or post-secondary level
Option 2: Social Studies 11, Civic Studies 11, or First Nations Studies 12 or

4 credits

or Social Sciences and two provincial or post secondary level courses
two grade 12 Ministry-Authorized courses (4 credits each)
and 8 credits
Total 20 credits Total: 5 courses

*Please refer to Course Information for the Graduation Program click here for a list of Required Courses that satisfy the mathematics and language arts requirements for the Adult Graduation Program.

**Changes to mathematics requirements (effective September 2002) for the Credit-Based Graduation Program do not affect the Adult Graduation Program. Therefore, Accounting 11 and 12, and Financial Accounting 12 continue to satisfy the mathematics requirement on the Adult Graduation Program since September 2002.

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligeble for the Adult Graduation Diploma, a person must be 18 years or older. There is no longer a one year waiting period for a student who is eighteen, but all other criteria remain the same. Under no circumstances will a 17 year old be allowed to enter the Adult Graduation Program.

  • Three courses must be completed through enrolment in a course or through Prior Learning Assessment after enrolling in an Adult Graduation Program. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process that enables people to gain recognition and credit for that they already know and can do. Methods of assessing PLA include: portfolio of evidence, projects and assignments, program evaluations, demonstration, oral questioning, and/or course exam challenge.

Course Eligibility and Information

  • Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) and Independent Directed Studies (IDS) courses do not count toward the minimum five courses required in the Adult Graduation Program.

  • Only one of WEX 12A (Ministry-Authorized Work Experiences) or SSA 12A (Secondary School Apprenticeship) is eligible for the Adult Graduation Program.

  • All provincial exams are optional in the Adult Graduation Program. This is program-specific, not adult-specific. Therefore, adults working on the regular graduation program will still need to write nay required provincial exams attached to courses they are taking. Schools should inform adult students that many post-secondary institutions require provincial examination marks for admission purposes.

  • Any for-credit course authorized by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Advanced Education as a requirement for graduation may be used toward the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma.

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