Chickens for Children (Missions)

This is a "bite-sized" project designed to give your child the blessing of giving to another very needy boy or girl, as well to encourage an African child to memorize the Bible verses that our Anchor Academy students are learning.

This is the plan. In Kenya, a chicken or rooster can be purchased for $6 Canadian. Relief and Support Services sponsored children cannot afford to buy a chicken. However, they can certainly memorize Bible verses and quote them to their guardian.

Anchor Academy offers a $25 value prize at the end of each semester to its students for memorizing specified Scriptures within a certain time frame.

The question: would your son or daughter be willing to donate $6 or more out of the $25 prize so that a Kenya child could receive a chicken by memorizing and quoting an equivalent set of Scripture memory?

Please let the office know if your family is willing to participate because, when the Anchor Academy team goes to Kenya we would love to have sufficient donations to be able to give a chicken to every RSS sponsored child (currently 100) as soon as they quote the first semester five scripture passages.

Alternatively if you would like to make a cash donation to this project Anchor Academy will issue a tax receipt for donations of $10 or more.

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