K-9 DL Teacher and Special Education Teacher

Anchor Academy is seeking contract D.L. teachers.


The successful candidate will:

  • have experience working in Special Education

  • have experience working with and teaching students at a distance

  • be able to teach all K-9 program subjects

  • be familiar with B.C.'s New Curriculum

  • be familiar with online communication and learning management systems (beneficial)

  • have ability to teach second languages (French, Spanish, German) is an asset

  • hold a Bachelor’s degree

  • be a self-starter with high initiative

  • react positively to collaboration and feedback

  • have computer skills, including Microsoft Office

  • have a passion for learning and education

  • Additional qualifications:

  • This position is at a Christian school. Candidates must be born-again Christians and in agreement with the school´s Statement of Faith.

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