DL is a method of instruction that allows students and the instructor to be located in different locations.  Communication between students and teachers occur primarily through electronic-based methods.  Students are under the direction of a British Columbia certified teacher and follow British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum requirements.

Teacher Designed

Courses incorporating the use of Biblical resources/assignments prepared by Anchor Academy teachers that satisfy the B.C. Ministry of Education learning standards.


In consultation with Anchor Academy teacher(s), parents select preferred resources, and with the teacher create a unique Student Learning Plan while meeting Prescribed Learning Standards.

Special Education

Gifted teachers and specialists support those students with specific learning challenges.  The team works with Anchor teachers to implement learning adaptations and modifications.


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Adult Graduation

Helping those students aged 18 and older to achieve high school graduation.


Student Learning plan directed to trades learning.

Cross Enrolment

Students are able to enrol in one or more courses while attending another school - This is only available for Grades 10-12.



The goal and purpose, of the Special Education department is to support and develop each child that God brings to Anchor Academy . Each child is uniquely and wonderfully made, and Anchor Academy is honoured to work as a multidisciplinary team with each family, to grow every child academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

The Special Education team at Anchor Academy is continually adding and improving the programs and supports for all families.


Listed below are some of the specialized ways Anchor Academy can support the students and their families.

Psycho-Educational Assessments


Anchor Academy has a

dedicated teacher on the team with a Masters in Educational


IEP & CMP Development

The Special Education

Administration Team creates and monitors the effectiveness

of the Individualized Education Plans and Case Management

Dyslexia & Reading Programs


Anchor Academy offers specialized programs for students with reading disorders to aid them in their academic progress.

One on One Educational Support

For specifically funded students Anchor Academy can provide educational support such as:

-Irlin & SOI Screening

-Life Skills/Personal Development Coaching

-Behavioral Consultation/Programming

-Grad Transitioning

-SCRETS Training
(for children with an ASD)

TinyEye Therapies


“TinyEye Services is a global leader in

bringing online Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapy Services to schools. Providing therapy services in five languages across 12 countries, TinyEye has reached students

with no access to these vital services due to geographic, social, or economic barriers.”



Freedom and flexibility: freedom to choose curriculum and library resources apart from the standard Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum currently used in this program, and flexibility in time with no limits as to how long a child works through his/her grade work. An Academic Projection (one of four graduation path options) will be prepared when your child reaches 14 years of age. This document specifies every course required for graduating with an International diploma/transcript.


Academic assistance: tutoring help is available for parent and

student between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Pacific Time (Monday thru

Friday). Please call 1.888.917.3783.


A progress report will be mailed to you four times per year. If your child qualifies, annual Honour Roll Certificate will be awarded (with honourable mention in Anchor Academy’s bi-monthly publication), while also earning applicable short term mission (STM) credits.


Free student and or home school parent/teacher photo (wallet sized) ID card. Submit passport sized photo to the Anchor office by September 30, 2018. Email photo(s) (surname first, first name second) to anchorstudentids@ark.net. Subject the email «Student ID». ID cards will be enclosed in the November/December’s mail-out.


Reading Readiness Tests (for preschool/grade 1 children), Diagnostic Tests in English, Math, Reading Comprehension, Spelling (for grades 1-12), Canadian Achievement Tests (for grades 1-3 to post- secondary).


A graduation celebration is held on the second weekend of June. A formal graduation ceremony and banquet, organized games, and an outdoor church service are just a few of the events you will experience!


Anchor Academy provides opportunities for students to earn/apply for bursaries for short term missions, as well as for specified Christian post-secondary institutions.


Grades K - 7 = $200 + PST

annually per student

Grades 8-12 = $300 + PST

annually per student

Families enrolling more than 3 children will not be charged for the 4th and subsequent child(ren). Full-time missionary families are exempt from paying school fees.



If using Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum, an approximate cost per course would be $80 (PACEs plus borrowing of scorekeys).


The approximate annual cost of this program (based on five core courses) is:


Grades K-7 = $620

Grades 8-12 = $720


This program is open to all families residing provincially, nationally, and globally! The International Program follows learning outcomes similar to the American school system with no B.C. provincial examinations to write.



For those British Columbian Residents who wish to only register (no school curriculum planning or no teacher support) their child(ren) with Anchor Academy, some of this program's benefits are listed below.



Independent B.C. Home school Registered families are eligible to borrow (library fee payable), all grades K-12 (plus some college courses). Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) resources from our library. These resources include preschool and learning-to-read phonetic kits, literature books, textbooks, DVDs (including complete series for high school sciences and math), CDs (elective courses), and scoring keys. Spanish and French resource materials are also available.



Free student and or home school parent/ teacher photo (wallet sized) ID card. Submit passport sized photo to the Anchor office by September 30, 2018. Email photo(s) as jpg/jpeg, with name of student in the subject line (surname first, first name second) to anchorstudentid@ark.net. ID cards will be enclosed in the Nov/Dec “The Anchor” mail-out.



Free testing materials, Reading Readiness Tests, (for preschool/ grade 1 children), Diagnostic Tests in English, Math, Reading Comprehension, Spelling (for grades 1, 3 to post-secondary), Foundation Skills Assessment Tests (for grades 4 & 7.