Anchor Academy desires to assist Godly young people to further God's purposes in their lives. Therefore the Post Secondary Institution (PSI) bursary fund has been established to facilitate the Anchor student’s future, through Christian post secondary education.



  1. The Anchor Academy student must:

    • be a full time enrolled student in his/her graduation year.

    • request and complete the current Anchor Academy PSI bursary application.

    • submit his/her application for a PSI bursary on or before April 30th of his/her graduation year.

    • provide a list of estimated PSI expenses within the bursary application.

    • write a 500 word essay. See application for criteria.

    • sign, on the bursary application, "If chosen to receive a bursary, I authorize my name to be published in the July Anchor Log".

  2. The Education Committee reviews all applications during the month of May.

  3. The names of all PSI bursary recipients will be announced during the graduation exercises in June.

  4. The recipients’ names will be published in the July Anchor Log.

  5. No funds will be disbursed until Anchor Academy has received final enrolment confirmation from the post secondary institution.

  6. Bursary funds will only be paid directly to the post secondary institution.

  7. Bursary funds will only be paid in Canadian dollars.

  8. Bursaries are required to be redeemed within 18 months of the date the Notice of Bursary is issued.

  9. The PSI bursaries must never exceed 50% of the estimated expenses for the first year.

  10. The decision of the Education Committee is final and binding.





Eileen M. Hunt Memorial Bursary

  • Eileen's passion was for the underprivileged, the challenged, the poor, the hurting. This bursary has been established to assist individuals within these designations to further their Christian studies, or secondarily to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional compassion for such people and whose further training will better equip them for compassionate Christian ministry.

  • Annual available bursary beginning June 2007.

  • Maximum bursary amount per school year is $5000.

  • Bursary amount must not exceed 50% of tuition and room/board costs.


Christian PSI Bursary

The total bursary funds available will be determined by the Anchor Academy Society Board. Christian P.S.I.'s would include Bible Schools, Bible Institutes, Christian Colleges, Christian Universities and Christian Vocational Schools.


Renewable Bursaries

Anchor Academy has identified several missionary training institutions whose purpose is to train candidates for a career in missions, reaching unreached tribes and tongues. Anchor Academy students whose life goal would coincide with such purposes may make annual PSI bursary applications for the duration of their training. The following institutions qualify for an annual bursary application:


  • Canadian Institute of Linguistics (Can-I-L), Wycliffe Bible Translators, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC

  • Gateway (Worldwide Evangelistic Crusade) Missionary Training Centre, Langley, BC

  • New Tribes Bible Institute Canada, Durham, ON


In the event that an Anchor Academy student will be required to acquire secular training in order to fulfill his/her calling for a career in missions, he/she is invited to complete a bursary application and it will be at the discretion of the Education Committee as to whether or not it will be considered.